CHANG (2013 - ) 
is a style of patchwork composed of various materials including woven wire mesh and metal sheet such as stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium. It is carefully hand-sewn together with meticulous stitches using fish wire in the same technique that is used for making traditional *Jogakbo. Folded edges of two mesh sheets are sewn back and forth in between, and as the result, the front and the rear look symmetrical. It looks somewhat like a windowpane. The word ‘chang’ means a window or narrative song in Korean. more images of CHANG

Jee Oh
I make a series of hybrid patchworks that reflect my transformational self through motherhood experiences. Making a CHANG is a meditative practice for me and also a journey to myself. 

*Jogakbo is traditional Korean wrapping clothes as a style of patchwork. It is made of leftover fabric following the idea of frugality. Fabrics used in traditional Jogakbo are made from natural fibres, such as cotton, ramie and silk and they dissolve easily over time. Jogakbo making was one of the few ways that Korean women could express their creativities and inspirations for centuries. The fact that Korean women were living in an extremely rigid patriarchal society contrasts with their use of vibrant colours and exuberant design.

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